JMS WW is a product for treatment of Waste Water (Grey and Black). It contains a synergistic blend of highly advanced and selectively adopted microorganisms, which are naturally occurring, non-genetically engineered; which have been subjected to stringent antibiotic screening; which are designed to provide accelerated degradation of difficult to digest fats, oils, protein, starch, carbohydrates, uric acid, detergents, hydrocarbons, phenols, cotton, plastics, hair, tissue, filters and degrades pathogenic microbes that are present in waste water.


JMS SW is a product used for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste. It contains a blend of highly advanced and selectively adopted microorganisms, used for landfill treatment and reduction of foul odour. It also contains the nutrients required by these microbes which are not available in the municipal solid waste.


JMS FLYMAG is a unique product used in SWM that controls flies through repulsion . It is formulated using a combination of various beneficial microbes and essential oils which repel the flies and maggots from the target site.


A single product cannot serve at all temperatures and at different pH ranges for assisting in treatment of solid and liquid waste . JMS Bioxy is Eco friendy, Non-toxic, Non- hazardous, and  is a blend of several products designed to work at extreme conditions .


JMS Tab is an all natural blend of powerful microorganisms known for its stability to bind suspended solids to reduce turbidity and gases including ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. It is very effective in reducing the intensity of foul odour and pathogenic algae.


JMS Bio-Enzyme is a blend of microorganisms and enzyme concentrate designed to help in rapid degradation of insoluble lipids such as grease and fats that cannot easily be degraded by native microorganisms. With the application of JMS Bio-Enzyme, the enzymes rapidly liquefy organic waste such as grease and fats, protein, hydrocarbons, starches, and detergent. The liquefied organic waste is then easily digested by microbes and protozoa in the traditional treatment techniques.


JMS PHOTO-B is a group of independent, self supporting microbes. These bacteria synthesize useful substances from organic pollutants and / or harmful gases (e.g. hydrogen sulphide), by using sunlight and nitrogen source (pollutants) as source of energy.​


JMS Biotech’s portable biodigesters are scalable, easy & simple to assemble. These biodigesters involve no civil work and can be manifolded to suit the local situation. These portable biodigesters are available in manual and automatic variants. The product is available in off-the-shelf capacities of 3, 5 & 10 CBM, which can be manifolded for easy scale-up. This solution suits the requirements of homes, apartments, restaurants, farms and more.


JMS Biotech offers ‘State of the Art’ Aeration & Mixing Systems which assure upto 80% POWER SAVING (in comparison to conventional Systems). These aerators aid in beautification, oxygenation, destratification, circulation, removal of algae and foul odour in water bodies. These Surface and Submersible special aeration systems are used in waste treatment (solid and liquid) and lakes.


JMS biotech develops SWM Landfill Sites by excavating and laying HDPE and Geo-Clay Liners along with installation of machineries like Conveyor Systems, Trommel, Rotary screening Machines, Plastic Bailing Machines, Organic Waste Convertors (OWC), Bio-Shredders etc.

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